About Us

We are LZ Eats

We’re here to make your life easier and more comfortable by delivering your favourite food wherever you are in an easy, quick and safe way.  

We want you to be able to access all your favourite Lanzarote restaurants from the comfort of your home, the beach or wherever you are with full peace of mind knowing where your order is at every step and the confidence knowing you’ll receive what you ordered. To achieve this, we created an app that connects the best restaurants of the island directly with their customers.  

You only have to worry about choosing your favourite food and decide where and with whom you’ll enjoy it, we take care of the rest.

Why choose LZ Eats?

  • We are a local company dedicated 100% to Lanzarote so we know our island inside out.
  • We deliver further than any other delivery app so you’ll have more options to choose from.
  • No uncertainty. You can track your order to your door.
  • You’ll have assistance from real people in real time in our Live Chat support to help you with any questions.
  • We also #speakyourlanguage, either Spanish and English.

Our pricing and fees  

The closer you are, the lower the delivery fee.

The prices for each menu are set by the restaurant.

You will pay a base rate up to a maximum distance of 4km which then increases for each additional kilometre.  

We have a low fixed service fee enabling our friendly team to support you in real time when you need it.